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web hosting, sql and home server question

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Well technically oyu could have your mysql server on a different server/lan connection; but I would really discourage you for using this way as lags will be terrible. I would highly recommend to put it all on the same server. Also depending on your load, you might want to consider the type of connection you have to the internet (speed download and upload).

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I run this way.


I have a EC2 instance running the web frontend to my user signup, etc.

An EC2 instance running the world/auth servers

RDS Aurora running the DB


This works really well.. no latency..

If you plan to run a dev box, having everything in one place is certainly the way to go.. if you plan to run "production" / customer facing, I would not recommend putting it all in one place.


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I would recommend either cloud hosting or getting a Linux or Windows VPS to host your server on. You are going to want to have everything either on the same box or the same lan and chances are your home internet unless it is a business internet connection is not going to do the trick. Currently I am using a windows VPS because some web development I am doing is in ASP.NET and C# instead of PHP.

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