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Sugestion about forum


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I have a little sugestion about the forum, creat a Hiden section for people who buy the Veteran Licence+.


Why?: It very simple when whe have buy a licence whe canot share the code or a part of it whit people who dont have the licence. so if whe whant to talk or share some idea or modification about it whe cant make it public.

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seems like making this stuff public, would increase interest in upgrading to the next level ;) I know if I see a lot of activity around coding the features, I would probably jump in a little sooner than I plan. (Currently, my plan is getting all the boring crap done - loading in items, mobs, blah blah... then upping my license)

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This compagny is in Canada and whit the law if they change they politic about the licence all people who buy it can reclame a refound.

(And no the famouse sentece : ''This can be change at anytime bla bla bla'' dosent work it lot of cause it called a ``unreasonable term`` so it be invalided by a other law who say if you change a terme of the ``Contract`` the other persson can ask for a refound and cancel it

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ok. im agreeing with you.


The only reason I'm not on the vet license - I have so much of the gruntwork to do, I don't want to get sidetracked into code - which is the fun part for me... example; my entire backend web stuff (marketing mail, user sign up, profile views, forum integration, atavism admin console, etc) took me like a weekend to do.. easy peasy, and i could see myself stopping the drudgery of adding items, quests, dialogs, etc to go down a never ending rabbithole of plugin madness .... I only stopped adding fluff to the web backend because of the schema changes in the upcoming releases.

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