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Looking For Artist (3D Modeller/Animator)


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Hello all,


I am looking for a 3D Modeller that can create character models and animate them. Or at least rig them because from my understanding if they are rigged with Mecanim than any Mecanim animation will work with the model.


I'll be honest, I am a hobbyist, and my project is a hobby. I am creating something with my spare time that hopefully I end up releasing, I am very ambitious. I'm a programmer and can do quite a lot, I've even created my own music however character models are beyond me.


Specifically what I am looking for to start with is:


-1 Human Male Model

-1 Human Female Model

-1 Basic Sword

-1 Basic Bow

-1 Basic Staff


I'm just looking for something to start with.


The art style for this is something a long the lines of: AQ3D - About




So something cartoony/full sized. WoW-ish styled even.


I am creating an Action Combat styled game (Soft Targetting, Left Click to attack w/ basic skill).



This would be a free job (at first so I can see the style and whether or not it sticks), however if everything turns out okay we can discuss actual payment. I don't believe in working for nothing but I'm also doing this as a hobby because I love this sort of thing.


TL;DR Need a few specific assets for an agreed amount of payment.

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Yeah I've looked there. It would be easy if I was going for Ultra Realistic or Ultra Toony, but I am looking for something a bit different. More cartoony, but not to the point where the character are round balls. I'm thinking more cartoony texture like World of Warcraft / Adventure Quest 3D. However to the point that it works well with a Tera-Styled combat system.


Still looking on the asset store though, it would be easy if I could re-texture the models but not sure if I could lol.


Edit: To be honest it would be amazing if I found someone who could make a male and female version of Unity-Chan, I would be quite happy with that art-style.

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again, I think you would be better off just buying unity assets... Atleast you would have all the rights to what you buy and they are proven to work. Most unity assets graphic and model designers put their creations on unity anyways. You can find some good deals on there if you look. Since you are only asking for specific things this would probably be your best option.

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