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Just a lil suggestion


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I was wondering if you guys could add one little thing..


Death Effects.


I think it would be cool if there were an option to play a coord effect at the death of a player or mob.


Particles most likely.


Maybe a bool to hide the mob as soon as it dies? Particle effect plays small zelda type explosion, leaves behind the loot :)


I've done this locally, but no one will see that :(


I also think others would greatly enjoy this addition


Thanks for reading :)

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I threw together a DeathTrigger script for Aizen to use on the mesh explosion script he had. I'll include this script in 2.6 as it can be used to trigger any kind of action (such as a coordinated effect) to be played when a mob dies.




Is there a api call we can make client side for a coordeffect to play? Always wondered that.


I've typed random functions to see whats available lmao. Never could find anything that will launch a coord effect from the client.

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