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Payment Wall Intigration

Green Enigma Games

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Hello all, first let me say that Atavism is by far the best MMO engine to date. I've tried Realmcrafter, Abyssal, every 2d engine on the market, Elysium, Ryzom, you name it. Ativism destroys them all.


On to my request/suggestion/call it what you will. Is there anyway to incorporate Paymentwall into atavism. I've done a bit of research and this is a service that would greatly help developers.


Any thoughts?


Unity Asset Store Link


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Well looking around the net about this company is not really reassuring...


Apparently they have 10% to 20% hidden fees. You only get paid after a certain amount, they only pay you once a month, they keep a retainer in case of client refund + an other 25$ for every refund (so if you sell something 2$ they will charge you 25$ + 2$ so 27$)


If you want to use their service, depanding on what you want to do, you should be able to integrate it in your project.

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we've actually go the ability to integrate payments for items into chaosplugin; it will not be on the initial chaospro release but its functionality we have on our to do list for the very near future. we've already done a lot of the server side code but no UI is preset for it yet. but it will let you have a store in your game to sell game items. also subscriptions for accounts is added.


someone did ask me about apple store. I have added routines in the code to allow external access to add items but it will rely on a keyphrase to add items (if that makes sense)

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