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[UPDATE 17.05.2016v0.2] Atavism Website Base


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I share my website for atavism server account. i use cakephp and uikit


what's news:

-Keygen System (generator & activation (for play))

-Shop (for buy currency(gold,silver...) game with Web Point, send to email system of atavism)

-Buy Web Points with paypal.







-Login (with account make ingame)

-show account Character Name (more next update)

-create account with email activation. (work ingame)

-change password, forget password?.

-show number of player online

-Admin (add/edit page, add/edit Posts(news), add/edit categories, add/edit Accounts(email, password, role(admin/member))

-Server log

-Character Mail

-and more...





Demo Link: hpgo.eu


Admin account: login: admin password: admin

User account : login: user password: user



Download: Update link Mediafire


Installation Guide Wiki => Atavism Website wiki


Make a don : Make a don (thank you)


for people want translate: PoEditor Website

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For xampp users trying to setup sendmail: we finally have it working fully on xampp without any errors. it took us a few hours but we got it. If you have any trouble just make sure to leave a message and ill try to help and i am sure rom can help too :P


For future updates I myself will be working on some edits to this to see what i am able to add. we will see how it goes but this project itself is really helpful for people who want to have it so that players can make an account on the website and login to the game with the web login info. (much like other mmorpg games)


I see this as a first for atavism users to be able to do this compared to the other "cms" projects that have been slowly (if any at all) moving forward.


Thank you romaxjp for your work and support

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Hello new Screenshot update:


=>New Home With News and Categories




=>Read More Button




=>Admin edit article (news)




=>Admin edit category




=>Admin User Edit Home




=>Admin User Edit/Add (Account work ingame)





ps: Thank you to ShadOrfeo to help me.

ps2:i will update my website soon for test admin account and member account)

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hello, any news on my website:

i update the ui.


->Edit Account:



->Users List



->User Profil



->Atavism server status


i hope you like it ;)

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When i added a link to my files (Hosted where the Atavism Website Base is located) I get an error when i try to click the link


Missing Controller

Error: GameController could not be found.

Error: Create the class GameController below in file: app\Controller\GameController.php


Any idea?

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