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[Suggestion] Redesign Atavism Online (Window)


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I am starting to have some issues with Atavism Online.


Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I am hindered every time the Atavism Online website momentarily goes offline for X reasons.


Every time the website goes down, I can't login to my Atavism Online Editor, I realize this is part of some sort of Anti-piracy Atavism thing but it's more than a hindrance because I still see Atavism (2.6) being passed around online. Whether it works or not I don't know, but I'd imagine it would.


So while this may or may not be protecting against Piracy, my development time is being hindered/interrupted which can be quite annoying.


Personally at the moment it hasn't been too dangerous for me, as whenever it happens while I am waiting for 5-20 minutes (more or less) I usually just move onto something offline like my website CMS for Atavism or something else for my project.


Still though, something should be redone about it, especially once (God hopefully not) somebody gets an evil ass idea to do something bad to the website. Or it legitimately goes down because of Server Down time which I know happens to people too.


Anyways just my suggestion!



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