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Can the chat on the website be turned off by default?

Or at least minimized.


It's really a PITA to have to logout and close it every time we open the website.

And when on a mobile (phone etc) its really fiddly and difficult to get rid of.



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Thanks ... I do that already.


But good luck trying to do that on a smaller screen - like a mobile browser. Go try it a few times.


The point is - we have no option.

Those of us who don't use the website chat are getting spammed by it.

Why is it ON by default - what % of your users use it ... I've not seen many.

It's the first website I've seen where chat is open and enabled by default. Normally you have a button to click to open it.


At least make it a preference on our account if you don't want it off by default.


And everytime we refresh it re-opens. I'm not complaining because I like complaining ... it's a real PITA, and not everyone uses the chat.



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