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Interesting...ok I can take care of that right now


On my end it says its active?


OK! since i dont have no way to contact you directly I will keep posting on here and tell everyone my business. I need to update my credit card information for the cloud.. and it says its active.. Could you please fix it for me.. thank you.. day 4 and still down.. because I cant get help from anyone

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are you serios?

Come on guys!

Thats why we need a Bugtracking tool, i open this thread for Feedback!

Not for our problems/support with the Cloud problems..

So dont talk offtopic please, ok?



This is a good example how goods the board works, with this lees of posts *lol*

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you want a bug tracking page? seriously? there is a forum for bugs, and issues etc.. if it means so much to you.. go buy a webpage and call it .. "post here for bugs" but everyone since the beginning has posted bugs.. and you can post bugs all day long.. they are not getting fixed anytime soon unless someone decides to post bug fixes in the forums.. so yeah..

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i dont understand your problem, you are a member of atavism?


i bought a server licence, im a coustumer ok? and if i help to make the software better with my reports, this helps everyone. but what i dont accept is the ignoring about this or your arrogans. dont tell me what is more important ok? this was a request to atavism not to you. i reconised here is no responce of the reported issues and this is not acceptable for me very simple.

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