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Item System and Resource gathering Additions...


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How difficult would it be to add in a few improvements to the Item System and Resource Gathering Systems?


First Items:

- Add in Slots to weapons and armor where players could add Magical Gems or similar mechanic to improve stats, give the weapon/armor magical properties, ect.

- Add in Quality. The higher your skill is at say blacksmith or weapon smith or whatever skill is required for making the item the higher the quality of the item and the more damage, stats, or durability the item has.

- Durability (Pretty self explanatory)

- Add in material level, for example a Stone pickaxe would have a resource level of Stone while a wood pickaxe would have a Resource Level of Wood...


Resource Gathering:

- Require a tool with at least a certain resource level... So stone for example could be gathered with a pickaxe with a Resource level of Wood or greater while Iron would require a pickaxe with a Resource level of at least Stone.

- Require a tool with a certain Quality level of the base Resource level... So Iron might only be able to be gathered with a Pickaxe of Stone Resource Level and at least 50 Quality But could be gathered with a Pickaxe of Iron Resource Level and of any quality.



- Add optional Materials that if the player included when crafting the item it would improve the quality of the item, add in slots to the item, give the item additional stats, ect.

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