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[PAID] The Legend of Kilgore 2D Top Down Pixel

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Project Name:

The Legend of Kilgore



The Legend of Kilgore is a 2D Pixel top down MMORPG.

For now, there is no story or content. Kilgore is a place, but I have not really dug into anything yet. I am open to ANY story lines anyone has to offer!



What is needed:

I am not much of an artist. (although my job is being a drafter....)


We need everything.


Icons, Weapons, Armor, tilesets, building tilesets, interior tilesets, all of it. I wish I could help out here. But I am a programmer. The game is now fully ready for some art work!


The style is a cross from A link to the past and Stardew Valley. It has to be fantasy themed. Steampunk is also cool. Japanese fantasy is also cool.




I have started a google sheet with a list of current open jobs.


I pay half up front, half later. No BS. Just grown ups handling business.


Thank link is here



If you would like to quote a job, please provide previous art work and if I like what I see, I will provide you a link to edit the spreadsheet spreadsheet.

Just put your Quote amount and your name next to it.




My budget is simple. The wife can't punch me in the face.



Current Artists:

I have a couple of artists on board and they have been paid.

The most talented right now is this guy http://www.desixstudios.com/

Think you can do better?





It's a mess right now. It's wordpress. I can program it fine, just need some more art work ;)

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