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Platforms. Boats etc


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i'll have to think about this one - I see it as quite a cool feature to have. My current line of thought is to do it via the InteractiveObject system, or a very similar system. The idea being you would place the object in the scene as per usual, but then define a new location for it to travel to, along with a movement speed, and then linger time. The server will then do the work of working out when it's moving etc, and send that down to all players nearby, just like how the interactive object system works.


I'll get back to you on this.

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Gave the script a read - I think all that needs to be done is a way to save the objects to the server like we do with Interactive objects and then set up messages to be sent to the clients of players nearby to tell the object to move (so they all move at the same time). I'll implement this in the final test version of 2.7, likely as part of the actual interactive objects system so it's minimal work.

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Hello Sooms Did you get this worrkin or can you point me on the right path. I have the boat zepplin etc syncing with players the prob is when im on one of the my player looks like its droping and reappearing on it to the other players when im paranted to the object do I need to tell the character controller something maybe a new state please advice also sooms do you have the old script for removing grass

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