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Would it be possible to add a feature to set the maximum amount of a particular item you can have in an inventory? Like for example, I have a healing tonic, that restores 250 health each time it is consumed (by the way, for some reason it is set to a consumable but after I click it, it does consume it, but doesn't disappear from inventory. Not sure if that's a bug or not). I have the stack limit set to 5, but that is the most of that item I would like a player to have. Even after they reach their 5, it could start a new stack, which I don't want it to do. This would be very useful in this instance, for example. Say they have 30 tonics, that would make combat far too easy, I want them to only be allowed to have 5.


While i'm on this topic, is it possible to set a custom cooldown for certain consumable items?



So would it be possible to add a system like the once mentioned in the first paragraph? Maybe even make it so if they player has the max amount allowed, don't allow anymore to be found in loot, or be purchased from a merchant.



Thanks in advance.

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