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Need Timer for items


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Timer on items like raw meat spoils get deleted from inventory or if that meat in chest storage that count like fridge timer stops need option for chests like time stop for items


and gonna need Tooltip Timer soy we know how mach time tell thes item get deleted or crate new item

1]like raw meat get deleted or 2] raw meat create-item spoiled meat


and chest storage sort items soy you can only add items that you check mark for that chest can go there


if you dont check any then the any item can go in chest storage


if you add them Thanks!

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Editor Abilities we need more slots



afasf2145234.pngsome times i need more effects then 3

2017-07-29_22_36_45-.pngthere is spells shod work for othere weapons not only one like i got spell that can work for axe off and axe main and sword main and off tho i can only chose 1 is big problem[if 1 of them in my hand spell shod work]

and we need other option only for abilities, if you got off and main hand weapons soy is ask you get 2 weapons in two hands or is not gonna work



2017-07-29_22_38_15-.pngadd slots like these 2 buttons

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