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None-Voxel Housing and terrain system?


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Are there any plans on providing a none-voxel terrain and housing plugin?


Something like this?



We do not plan on using a voxel system as it just does not fit with our game. In your first video's you have a housing and building system. It was not a voxel based system from what I can see. Are you guys planning on adding this?

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all you need to do is read the Announcements(Roadmap)

It looks like it's in next update

Added June 22 2014


Phase 2: Core Server Functionality ( Beta)

1) Merchants - 5th July

- Allow players to purchase items from NPCs.

- Atavism Unity editor plugin to allow setting up Merchants


- Secure server side system for trading to allow non-bound items to be traded between players but with checks in place to prevent duplications etc.

Building System

- Will be able to allow players to build without the AtVoxel system and place objects in the world.

2) Terrain System - 26th July

- Full Paging and stitching Unity Terrain System

Server Side Collision

- Navmesh collision generation in Unity that can be copied to and run on the server

- Navmesh editing on the server

3) Authoritative Player Control - 9th August

Authoratative Player Control

- Server implementation of character control to verify characters position and movements from the client input.

4) Pathfinding and Mob AI improvements - 23rd August


- Mobs pathfinding system upgraded to use server collision to accurately move around the world.


- Improved AI functionality to control mobs with patrol paths, roam radius, combat behavior settings.

- Possible advanced implementation of a system similar to Story Bricks

5) Server Management Tools & Monetization - 6 September

Server Management Tools

- Manage accounts

- Start/Stop server

- Check on server status & other details


- Server side support for Item mall

- Server side support for Subscription based models

6) End of Beta improvements - 20th September

Phase 3: Extra Features (Full Release)

Order and Dates to be determined at a later time


- Friends and Blocked list UI

- Chat channels


- Allow players to form groups to work together on quests, in combat and take on dungeons/pvp battles


- Arena system provided to allow 2v2 matches etc.

- Basic battleground templates such as CTF allowing larger groups of players to fight in teams against each other


- Both combat and non-combat pets that follow you around the world

- Ability to tame pets and use them to assist you in combat

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