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Skill Caps Based on Class & Level?


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I would like to know if there is a way to implement skill caps based on the player's class levels?

For example:

A level 5 Warrior can raise their Shield skill up to 20 ((class level * 4) to represent a skill the class can get great at) versus a level 5 Mage that can only get it to 5 ((class level * 1) representing a skill the class is horrible at) versus a level 5 Rogue who can go up to 15 ((class level * 3) for being pretty decent at the skill).

EverQuest 1 and Final Fantasy 11 had systems somewhat like this for more examples. 😄


I want the skills to be risen by usage and not by talent points but also respect the skill caps based on class and level by not raising above those unique dynamic caps.

If there is no way to implement this with the default tools given to us.  Let me know where I should start looking so that I can create my own plugin. 😉


Thank you in advance!

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