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Trying to toggle mouse look in soft targeting mode, but not sure what I'm doing..


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There is logic in the script of the SDETargeting.cs

 * In Atavism3dPersonInput, make these public:
 * 		Make mouseLookLocked public (can hide in inspector)
 * 		Make cameraTargetOffset public
 * 		Make cameraFirstPerson public (but hide in inspector)
 * In Atavism3rdPersonInput, add a public SDETargeting variable
 * In its Start method, check if the variable is null
 * if it isn't, create an SDETargeting component and add it to the Atavism3rdPersonInput's game object
 * Additionally, the UpdateVisualCursor method must be changed (just one part) so soft targeting can hide the default cursor
 * You must add 
 * || sdeTarget.softTargetMode 
 * to the if statement so it is properly hidden.
 * Original:
 * ----------------------------------------------------------------
 * if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) || Input.GetMouseButtonDown(1) )
 * ----------------------------------------------------------------
 * Example Start Code:
 * ===================================================================
 * 	sdeTarget = camera.gameObject.GetComponent<SDETargeting> ();
	if (sdeTarget == null) {
		sdeTarget = camera.gameObject.AddComponent<SDETargeting> ();
		sdeTarget.A3PI = this;

// Camera code is from this Project:
// http://unity3d.com/support/resources/example-projects/3rdpersonshooter
// Thank you guys.

// Add this script to the main camera.
// In the inspector, there is a variable "player" - drag your player on it.
// Press Play!

It sounds like it should be easy to setup but I don't know anything about coding without breaking something, and I know something will break. How do I make it so I can disable the cursor from appearing and interacting with the GUI when the player is trying to use skills etc. Some older versions of atavism seem to do it easily. Has someone done this before?

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