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OPEN - [Oferring my skills] - Unity Game Developer - remote job

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Primarily, I am looking for long-term promising projects. Alternatively, I do outsourcing, short-term contracts.

Best regards, Arnost Beles
E-mail: info@bewise.studio


o   6-year experience in Game Development in Unity3D/C#

o   2-year experience in Java

o   Released 3 games, worked on large projects

o   MMO Specialist (Atavism framework www.atavismonline.com)

o   Gameplay Engineering, UI Programmer, Animator Programmer

o   Deep skills in Procedural Terrain Generation – Gaia and geographical math

o   Huge deep inside game development experience: Profiler optimization, code optimization game related, GPU optimizations, Unity Assets import and structure optimization, mobile game optimization, all about Animator Controller and optimization

o   Very much organized in all aspects as I was working on large projects last 3 years

o   Fast learning curve

o   Huge video game experience and game mechanics

o   Remote job only, prefer part time jobs and indie studios, fulltime job only for projects which I like 😉

o   Not good at: Shader programming, high level math algorithm

o   Not interested in: VR and console game development

o   Hour rate: 650-1500 CZK per hour (30$ - 65$) – tax excluded - negotiable

-  Long-term – consistent workflow (min. 1 month) – lowest rate

-  Short-term – inconsistent workflow - highest rate

-  Anything between - negotiable, depends on many factors

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