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Hello, I have been looking though the tool kit. Very Impressive. I have a question/Suggestion.


So If I wanted to create Mining lets say.

I would go to the Mobs tab/Create a new mob. There I would put in the name Iron Ore. Drag on my game object of my Iron Ore. So far so good. Mob type Normal.

// here is where my suggestion comes in and it would be good for mobs as well.


It would be great to have a

" This mob can be damaged by:

-Any types of damage



-Magic and so on...


It would be nice to check boxes then you could have a rock elemental that you could say ok you can smash it or use magic to kill it but its immune to slashing piercing and so on.


This way we can spawn trees to chop and ores to mine, bushes to harvest and it would respawn. Mobs need special weapons or spells to do damage and so forth.


Also where do item drops come in? It would be a great place to add on the bottom Items to be dropped and even more great is a %item chance.


Item 1. ___________________. how many _______. % chance of drop (1,100)


Item 2. ____________________% how many_______. % chance of drop (1,100)


I might be missing something but I don't see anything like this in the Atavism Online tool kit.


What are your thoughts about this?



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Thanks for the feedback, we will be adding a Loot Table plugin, in it you will setup a loot table for items and what percentage of drops you want for each item. This will also be used for merchants. Then we will add in another box on mobs where you will specify your loot table to use. With mobs you should be able to create anything from mobs to kill, treasure chests to open, trees and ore to mine. We will also be adding more options so you create your own damage types soon as well. Lots to come still.

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Ditto on the crafting support. I can only hack and slash / quest so much.. My only complaint with most of the games I've played is the things that you create crafting are garbage compared to the majority of the drops. In my opinion, crafted gear should be better than any common gear of the same level that drops off normal mobs. Dungeon and raid drops should be better of course.


I would love to have the ability to craft items that when applied to dropped armor and weapons it upgrades their stats.. Similar to what WoW (and I think maybe EQ) did with gems. I vaguely remember EQ's system of using the water table looking things but I haven't seriously looked at EQ since about the time WoW was released.


I would also like to be able to create crafting recipes that modify the appearance of armor / weapons..

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Ya I couldn't agree ore with both you guys. Another thing I was thinking about today as I ran for 15 min to where my castle is.. lol,

Is what about Mounts?

Are we going to have some type of mount system? Will this be a plug in for later on.

I would love to see flying mounts. Anyways just a thought.

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I like the UO style of loot, then the game requires more knowledge and skill from the player as they can not rely on overpowered equipment.


I miss the days of early EQ when people had to know their class and know how to work together as a team. Today it seems like the majority of players have no idea how to manage their agro. We always had a pretty solid group whenever we went out.. Gear was a factor, but not everyone could solo effectively. MMOs today seem to have taken the social element out of the game and all classes seem to be able to solo. Great for those with weird schedules or crappy connections, but overall I'm not sure it has been good for the games. Getting a core group together to venture down into Old Sebilis was always a blast... Ahhhh. The memories.. lol

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Played EQ from Beta 2 to a few years ago, 6 years as a bard and a couple as a beastlord. Really loved the game Pre-pop, got so tired of back flagging guild members post-pop. We were one of the top 3 raiding guilds on our server and raided nightly. Loved the teamwork required.


Now people just seem to solo until they need something, then toss 72 people at a boss until dead, which is why I dislike WoW so much.

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