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UMA Assets (Clothing and other)

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Hmm some how I missed this post. Ill take a look at those bugs as I think for male and female I need to make separate arm pieces so you don't see the body under it. As for female I don't have the same problem, there is a very good chance it might be linked to the changes that's was made to have the race packs of Tomt to work which is causing it.

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Sorry, as we have found out that the older version of UMA has allot of memory leaks, we are waiting for the new version to come out before we continue or fix anything in regards to UMA clothing as I have no idea how much it has changed . So we will have to fix/change everything we have released up until now if there is allot of changes. So much extra work now, but hopefully the new UMA version wont have those problems which prevents people from Using UMA in full game. As far as I know the new version will be out very soon so we should not be waiting to long.


Ps. shoot me a message on Skype Warborn, have a question for you.

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