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problem with KGFCameraSystem


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I want to use the KGFCameraSystem asset from the asset store to set up a camera for my battle scene (final fantasy style) so it rotates and moves to different angles to nicely capture the battle.


When I use the KGFCameraSystem in a newly created project it works fine, however when I import the asset into the atavism unity package I get a bunch of errors pointing to the same overall error regarding events, namely: event must be of a delegate type.


When I delete the AtavismCore.dll the problems are gone. So I guess the .dll file overwrites the way events are normally dealt.


any ideas on how to solve this problem/ alter the code in the KGFCameraSystem scripts. It are all the same code as these where the error comes from: public event EventHandler PreRenderRow;


I hope we can sort this out.


Thanks in advance.


EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED !!! I managed to solve the problem, by renaming a few things

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