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Is there a secure svn+ssh:// repository with authentication?


I noticed that http:// is much slower than svn://. Overall I noticed this, in terms of security for the transfer of the software from lowest security/lowest speed transfer to highest security/highest speed transfer http://, https://, svn://, and svn+ssh://.


I highly suggest using a secured svn repository due to the following:

User authentication: Disable public access, logs if anyone shares the copyrighted product.

Bug Tracker (tickets): Allows users to easily submit bugs they find.

Easier Change log: In each revision you could add notes.


In simple terms, the download could be faster and more secure if the http method of distribution is switch to a secured svn repository. At the present moment, a link can be distributed of the files without authentication and I am scared of this vulnerability.


Wither the creation of authentication details to connect to the svn be created manually after a order is processed or using a call back method with paypal's payment api to access the secured svn repository that contains the software and documentation, that is your choice.


Just my opinion, hope I don't sound offensive. ;)

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