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Hey guys, I was wondering if there were going to be any more additions to the current dialogue system? Here are some suggestions


1.Expanded functionality including updating mission states using dialogue. Example, talk to NPC Garry, NPC Mike, and then return to NPC John with information. Obviously this is a basic example but hopefully gets the idea across.


2.More dialogue options. If possible we'd love to have up to 6 or 9 options per dialogue. Not that it'll be used much but it's nice to have for those complex 1-off missions. More options like this would be amazing.


3.Lastly, any kind of bark system we could use to get some type of pop-up dialogue on unnamed NPC's and that kind of stuff. If possible even barks between NPC's, but anything basic would be awesome.

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For 3.


Just having an NPC bark out as the player clicks them, or as they walk past would work perfectly for our needs. This feature we would like more for immersion and that kind of thing. If it's possible to have two NPC's bark to each other that would amazing, but just a basic yell would be great for our game and programmer sanity.


I hope that answers your question, and thanks for the already positive response.

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This is another one of those trigger events, like I was saying to sooms ^_^


As you walk within the radius of the NPC it triggers dialog text which rolls through randomly.

It can also be used for prompting secret quests etc; where the quest doesn't show until the player is in close radius.

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