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I looking for something to do ^^

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Hi, for now my personalle project is in standby (some member of my team are in vacation) so i have time to help you whit your prejet.


My skill:


-Java ( mid+)

-C# (Mid+)

-sql (high-)

-php (low+)


What can i do:


-Map making

-server edit

-client edit

-almost anything




Whe can discute about that in privat. I not necessary need money some time i can accept so "exchange" vs asset or service.





- I have a server (real one not one at my home) so i can help to host website but sorry i will not host your game except if you pay a freaking lot of money XD

- You can find me in Skype by looking for Netsuno

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Important information: If you ask me something i will do it, when you ask me something and when i finish you dont answer me (like you have stop to work on your project) i'm not happy: I have pass a lot of hour to creat script, or help people to put her server online so it very bad when you dont stop evrything you and you dont call me to ask for stop my work.

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