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Item Gender Requirements


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I think it would be better to set the genders up in the EquipmentDisplay Prefab, so you can have different textures/models for both genders.


Gender Requirements on armor is bad, because you have to make every Item twice and half of the time an Item drops you wont be able to equip it, because you have chosen the wrong gender. :s


Edit: And if you do this, you could also add an option for chosing a different model for different races. ^^

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Hmm ok this sounds interesting actually however would it be possible to set up armour/clothing so that it fits everyone but just changes the armour model to conform to the model of the character according to what gender the character is? Not to mention I have like 7 races all different shapes and stuff and all races have a female and a male model so....getting armour to conform to the gender as well as my race would be nice too. Woiuld this be difficult to make universal for all characters in the game?

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