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Bug found


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the event if (eData.eventType == "LOADING_SCENE_END") is not called while eData.eventType == "LOADING_SCENE_START" is called


using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Collections;
using AtavismExtend;

public class UI_LoadingScreen : MonoBehaviour 
#region fields
#region MonoBehaviour
void Start () 
	RegisterEvent ();


#region ATAVISM logic
private void RegisterEvent()
	AtavismEventSystem.RegisterEvent("LOADING_SCENE_START", this);
	AtavismEventSystem.RegisterEvent("LOADING_SCENE_END", this);
	AtavismEventSystem.RegisterEvent("PLAYER_TELEPORTED", this);

public void OnEvent(AtavismEventData eData) {
	if (eData.eventType == "LOADING_SCENE_START") 

	if (eData.eventType == "LOADING_SCENE_END") 

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