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Launcher Updater Alpha


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I began to develop the launcher.


1 - Updater

2 - authorization

3 - News

4 - Banner News

5 - Status Server

6 - Cooming Soon






Template sketched for 5 minutes (then give the normal template)



Price - 10$ (update launcher free)


(Who will give me the CMS Atavism to give a copy of the launcher for free.)

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ok dont mean to come off rude.... what is this????? is it a finished product? what does it do? Can we download it.. I just keep seeing these screenshots of stuff... and im not sure if you are just showing off what you created or its a finished product and I dont see a place to download it ... can you add a bit of insight of what this is exactly?

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uhhh... ok.. so I am just completely confused here.. is there a link? to download? I went on the first page of this thread and see nothing.. I see a bunch of post showing it off.. but.. im still at a lose here.. I even went to the youtube video.. I spent 20 minutes on this post wondering.. what the ???!

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