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A few bugs you might like to know about.


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Interesting demo. Few quick things--On your webpage, down at the bottom, clicking the discord link takes one to the faq page. Look at this page for instance: https://www.atavismonline.com/store/tutorials. Also, I'm running in Nvidia Surround at 5760 x 1080. On the demo, the intro screen about dreams and budgets, this freezes and locks up, then goes immediately to login afterward. Perhaps I'm maxing things out, or perhaps it could use some sort of optimization. Third or fourth time I ran it, it worked fine but was so loud and obnoxious waking everyone up at midnight that I aborted it. The volume changes so dramatically. When I play, to hear the game, I have my volume maxed. When I restart, the intro blows out my speakers. Also, whenever I click on the purple aura to go to another location, the dragon Atavism splashscreen pops up, covering the middle monitor. Nothing I do will make this go away unless I quit and login fresh. I can walk, I can turn, but clicking on anything outside of the middle monitor doesn't do anything. These might seem like nitpicks, but I figure you guys want to make a best impression and didn't realize these things were happening. Other than that, not bad for one guy and a couple of weeks. 

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Thank you for your feedback.

The wrong click can be due to some web cache, not sure, we haven't seen such issue before, maybe for some reason page was not loaded properly.

Loading time is due to Unity scene switching, Frist scene is an additional scene in the project, then there is login scene -> character selection/creation scene and world/instances scenes.

We can certainly adjust the volume of the video in the first video scene, new build with this change should be up within a few hours.

As for the loading screen, it's our fault, we changed the image for the loading screen, and we forgot to switch back the loading time to 1 second, instead of 1000 seconds, the new build will fix it.

Atavism Live Demo was made by 2 persons. First worked around 1 week on the scene, objects placement, etc. (it was made by one guy from Nature Manufacture), and then when we took over the project, we designed quests, resources, animations, effects, etc. and configured it within 1 day actually, rest of the time we optimized the environment, so we can say, that 13 days we spent on making map, and then 1 day on implementing Atavism :)


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