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Two Developers one Licence


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We are not limiting how many developers can work on the project. One license will allow you to collaborate by as many developers as you want.

Each developer will have to log in to Atavism Editor, and from there he can make changes in the Atavism server (databases), then in most cases server restart is required, so Atavism server could load the data. 

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Thanks for the reply, i have installed the Atavism Windows Manager and the client config asks me for Content Database Configuration information but when i launched SQL the first time in the Manager it didn't ask me for any details and i can't login.

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It's our fault, that we didn't provide this information, default database access information are as follows:

Host: localhost (or your computer IP)
Username: root (for localhost) or atavism (for your IP)
password: test (for root username) or atavism (for atavism username)

Let us know if you will have any further issues.

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