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3rd party partners...confusing a bit.


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so i'm looking at everything and watching videos and reading forums etc. but i am a bit confused still. For creating your worlds some posts say to use procedural worlds others say a stripped down version is included another says that you can use gia 1.9.2 another says use the nature pack that is included. 

so my question is 2 fold 1: is some version of those tools includes and if o to what extent. second not being a unity dev yet do these tools stack or should i stick with one manufacturere or another? there is just no cut and dry "heres what you need to know" on that part yet so i'm holding off buying until i have a better understanding and can get everything together at once...nothing worse than thinking you have what you need and you go to get started on a project and discover you need 4 more components.


so a nice semi detailed explanation and maybe a bullet list of what i need would be awesome please and thank you.

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Let me explain it.

Atavism server comes with databases and complete server solution.

Atavism client side (unity one) comes with Atavism Editor which is a graphical interface for managing Atavism without coding, and there are other scripts and components. Atavism client side comes in two versions (Core and Demo). The core has only Atavism scripts, and it's complete, but doesn't have additional models, and example configurations, while demo comes with integrated Enviro limited version for Atavism, S.F. Bay Bomber Bug, other models like trees, rocks, buildings used to build the demo scenes, to present you configuration examples.

Atavism doesn't come with complete Gaia, CTS, R.A.M.

CTS is used in the demo with permission of Procedural Worlds and Nature Manufacture (who built the Demo for us), and it has partial scripts to present environment changes like covering terrain by snow during snowy weather, etc. but it's not a complete solution of CTS, so you won't be able to build your own map based on scripts which are included. Same for R.A.M. by Nature Manufacture, river, and ocean in the demo was built using R.A.M. but it's also a not complete solution which would let you create your own river.

To resume Atavism comes with some elements included which are fully functional like Enviro, which is similar to Asset Store version with author permission to distribute it, so you can use it if you will become Atavism license owner (this version doesn't have volumetric lights and volumetric clouds).

There is also a Bomber Bug model which is 1:1 asset store version.

How you will build your terrain using Gaia, World Creator or any terrain shaping tool is up to you, same for models, and other aspects, these are out of the scope of Atavism, we are providing limited versions of them, just to present you how easily you can build such world, with Atavism configuration examples.

Let us know if you will need any other information.

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excellent, thank you. that clears it up nicely.  I was researching more last night and this is slightly off the question but very related to it. I watched the procedural worlds and nature manufacturer videos ( after i watched your 3 part interview with the messy coder) and i want to ask can i generate the land in gia then use the mountain trees and meadows packs from nature manufacturer to populate it instead of the tree generator in gia ? I would assume so since i think RAM can be placed in gia worlds. 

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Yes, of course, you can use any terrain generators, models, etc. as they are only content related, Atavism will work with them.

Actually within our Atavism Live Demo, and within the package, you will get demo scene where there are Nature Manufacture trees, rocks, etc. textures are watermarked by Nature Manufacture, but you will get an idea how easily it is to build your world/game :)

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Sorry i was busy all weekend and didnt get a chance to reply. 

so i bought atavism 2019 on your 70% blow out offer....i also bought gaia CTS Genna2 and the dungeon pack from nature manufacturer. I havnt downloaded my client or server yet as i am just learning a bit more about unity and then the procedural worlds tools . i am also waiting on a second xeon cpu for my server. i'm going to start with a dual quad core xeon e54210 machine with 32 gigs of memory to start me off.

Is there any general guide to hardware scalability/results, even better on those aforementioned specs? then seperatly what type of concurrency will 2 then 4 then 10 meg upload connection result in ( best guess is fine i just want n idea of how many testers to realistically get) No clients will be downloading off this site just the game data itself.


sorry to tag this in the same forum post i could create a new separate one if you prefer. 

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There are no clear specifications for the server, because you may have 100 000 of mobs, even more, you can have 100 000 mobs fighting each other, and without single player it will consume lots of CPU, and memory, so it really depends on the use case, but basically minimum parameter is like 1GB of ram and 1 CPU core, recommended for startup 2GB of ram and 2 CPU cores. If you have 100 CCU license then your limit for testers is 100 CCU :) your hardware should easily handle this.

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