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I need help.

Benji Bear

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I want to use Atavism X. I just spent another 90 dollars. I never used my original support. I still do not know where to ask. I purchased new licence. Why can I not download latest version. Did I waste my money again? I never got the original licence working correctly. Now I have expired old licence and new one is not existent. Do I need to pay more money? what is happening? I was underwhealmed considering the price, Maybe it is a great product. Maybe I will never find out. I may be a bit stupid but I expect things to be easy if I pay a lot of money. 

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Hello. You can ask here on the forum or on our discord server https://discord.gg/z95htJA.

With topics related to the purchases, it would be good to contact me in private as I'll need more details.

In general, if you purchased maintenance from our store, you can assign purchased maintenance to your license in your apanel in the licenses section.

If you purchased an upgrade from the Asset Store, you should be able to provide your order id or invoice number after you will click Add Licence From Unity Asset Store.

If I properly found your account it seems that your maintenance is valid for almost 1 year, so you should be able to download Atavism X.

To troubleshoot it further please contact me in private (preferably on discord, so I could provide you support in realtime.

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I eventually got ActivismX purchased and installed. I forgot how I set things up. I am not wanting to do multi-person just yet. I just want to be able to do some prototyping. I need to know where to go for instructions of how to set up things again. The program looks different to when i installed it last. I think I have to install the server again. I will need to know where to go to get instructions. My brain is not firing well at the moment and I want to have another try at getting this working. I got most of the way to getting things working a few months ago. 

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So, there are a few things.

First is that you are using Atavism with example data, while on the client you are using core, this can cause some issues on the client-side, as the server will send items, mobs, etc. to your client, but your client won't have models, textures, icons, prefabs.

The second issue is that you have License Verification Failed. This can occur in two cases: when you set incorrect mail/license key pair in the Atavism Windows Manager, or when your Atavism server doesn't have access to the internet. I'm assuming that the second one is not an option as your PC most probably has such access, so please check your credentials. Based on your Atavism Windows Manager screenshot I was able to check your credentials, and it seems that you have a typo in the mail.

Also, please check what java version are you using by typing

java -version

in the bash console, after you will start authentication server.

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