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I tried to join discord but it says its invalid.

I have the monthly subscription right now and have been trying to set everything up for a few days now and cant get it working. I have followed this tutorial on using google for a host 3 times over now and I have gotten different errors each time. It has been an authentication server error, then it was cannot connect to the tcp world server, and now it is saying: 

Database test connection Failed: Authentication method 'caching_sha2_password' not supported by any of the available plugins.
Atavism.DatabasePack:TestConnection(String, Boolean) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/EditorCore/Libraries/DatabasePack.cs:266)
Atavism.ServerDataBase:DrawDataBase(Rect, String) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/Plugins/ServerDataBase.cs:268)
Atavism.ServerDataBase:Draw(Rect) (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/Plugins/ServerDataBase.cs:185)
Atavism.AtavismUnity:OnGUI() (at Assets/Dragonsan/AtavismEditor/Editor/EditorCore/AtavismUnity.cs:371)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Modules/IMGUI/GUIUtility.cs:179)


On the server side, I am also keeps saying license verification failed, even though I have double checked my license key and my email address. I have my windows firewall turned off, I can ping the public IP of the google instance, and verified the ports are open with a port checking tool. 

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Can you tell me which link doesn't work so we could fix it? I personally tested links I know, and all of them work.

As for the error you sent.

Atavism has 2 major elements:

Server-side (which includes databases and Atavism logic)
Client-side (which has client c# scripts, UI, etc. and Atavism Editor which is a development tool that directly connects to the databases).

So, the issue you described in the first section is related to the server installation and configuration, most probably ports/firewall was not set properly.

The second section is related to the Atavism Editor, like your database is not accessible from your PC.

To resume, there are two issues, one with connection as a client, and the second with connection with the development tool (Atavism Editor).
To resolve the first one, send me your server logs from atavism_server/logs world and master directories. You can pack them and send them in a bundle in private message on the forum or email to support@atavismonline.com with the link to this forum post.

For the second issue, are you using newly created user?


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