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Threat function / class resource


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Heya, hope you all are doing good!

I have three questions.

The first being, how can I get a threat function? As I were sitting there working on a class and just minding my own, I realised that how am I going to hold aggro on mobs and so on. Is it something that is all ready built in that I can work with or is it something I have to create myself?

And the second question being, how can I make specific resource bars show on specific classes? Like if I would make a rogue for example and want energy instead of mana. I can create the resource itself but I don't really know how to make the specific resource show on the screen as it will show both mana and energy.

And lastly a simple thing, changing the color on item titles for like epic, legendary gear etc. I found a file named "UIItemQuality" which contains hex colors for the different rarities but changing them changes nothing that I can see.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hey, the threat is already implemented and it's based on damage dealt, and you can also alter it using additional effect for classes that don't do much damage, but should be able to keep aggro of enemies like tanks.

To present specific stats for specific classes, you would have to code this and check what is the class of the player and enable some UI element.

Colors are defined in the Login Scene -> Scripts -> Atavism Settings 


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Yes, the effect is called Threat.


Threat: Effect is commonly used in increasing or decreasing aggro of mobs. Right now aggro is based on damage dealt, so damage dealers are getting the most attention of mobs, which can be altered by putting an additional effect on different types of Abilities with this Threat Effect.

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