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Adding my terraforming mechanics to Atavism


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I just got this system and I am wanting to add my terraforming mechanics I have developed on local side to work in Atavism they work on terrain coordinate manager that gets current coordinate then adjust the splat map float at that coordinate by adding or subtracting a specific float value to it, dependant on if filling or digging, then runs a terrain update call. So the terrain update calls can be retarded if need be there are a multitude of ways to disguise this, (timers, batch fill calls, ect.) but i just need to know be able to get this to call on the server from client side and then have server update the  terrain splat map across the clients.  My thoughts are to add update points to terrain and have the server cache the splat updates from clients and update them all at same time during one of these cycles. Also curious if there is way to create a server just for applying terraforming updates to terrains.

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