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Issues in creating a new character in demo-project


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Hey, I am trying to set up the full demo-version of atavism, but i am having problems creating a new character after the login-screen. 

I am getting this error message in the login server logs:

ERROR [2021-12-15T23:37:34,630] login_manager LoginConnection-6    Character factory returned null OID
ERROR [2021-12-15T23:37:34,631] login_manager LoginConnection-6    AgisLoginPlugin: character creation failed, account=0000000000000002 errorMessage=Internal error. Please check server logs characterName=demodemo

Any help would be appreciated!




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Hey, Martin. 


I was able to get everything working! 

The problem i have now is setting up atavism standalone editor to my VM hosted in Google cloud. 

I followed your tutorial on how to do it, and everything in unity seems to work perfectly with the demo-version. 

Could you assist me with this. I am getting timed out errors when i test the connection. 

Thanks in advance!


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Sure. Atavism Standalone Editor uses direct database connection. Ensure that your database port (default 3306) is open and accessible using telnet from your PC.

telnet YourServerIP 3306

If you don't have the telnet command on your PC, use this in the command line with administrative privileges

dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient


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