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License Verification Failure


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We are using an On Premise installation as discussed in the guide. Ubuntu Server 18.08

We are having an issue logging into our server. The server is configured with a license that shows valid in aPanel.

1. User authenticates and is taken to the create / select character screen

2. User selects character and then selects the Enter button

3.  Game will attempt to load, then client is disconnected and returned to the Unity Screen

4. There is a message about unable to contact world server

-We have not been able to figure out why clients are unable to reach the world server.

Our server logs are showing a message about License Verification Failure

--Our License is valid for at least two weeks so I am curious if this issue is related to the screenshot I have attached showing we are getting a License Verification Error

Has anyone else encountered this problem? 






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  • Exgenesis changed the title to License Verification Failure

All what you described is the result of the "License verification failed" message. It can occur if your sever during startup won't have internet connection or won't be able to resolve DNS names.

if this will occur again, try to simply ping our atavismonline.com website or just simply open it in the browser.

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Thank you for your prompt response. 

Does this also explain the Ciient's World Connect Status message: WorldConnectFailure?

I have properly configured the client, I can get a "Success" when connecting to every database.

But when I try to Enter the world I am disconnected. This error above is what I see in my Unity log on the client side.


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