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Other Unity Assets?


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I purchased Atavism off the Unity store knowing fully well I am not experienced enough yet to make use of; more of an incentive to push me to learn as fast as I can. I am curious though if other assets can be used in conjunction. One Im particularly looking at is Behavior Designer - Behavior Trees for Everyone for future use.

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Atavism is server authoritative and you can use many packages on the client-side, but not the ones that would have to interact with the server, like the Behavior Designer, as it would have to modify AI and mobs/NPCs behavior. In this case, you would have to code it in Java as the server is written in Java.

Of course, I'm not aware of the game design that you would want to build, but if may I, I would recommend you to check the elements that you want to implement in your game, then check what is available out of the box In Atavism, and then think or ask how to implement other things or where to start. This way, you may find that majority of your game can be done without changing anything, but of course, it's just a suggestion as I would do it this way :)

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