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Admin Panel/Quest Reward UI Problem


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i just started with Atavism and was able to successfully log in, create a character, and enter world.  But now I am having issues with the admin window being locked where I can not click any of the buttons nor move the window at all.  But the gps cords do update when I move around (still calculating and showing coordinate values).  Made sure account is set to admin and checked everything and nothing shows to be the issue.  Similarly when I walk up to the initial quest giver who gives you your first weapon is having a similar issue.  I was able to accept the quest, and get to the rewards page, but when I go to complete, it says I need to select a reward after I already have.  I’m brand new to Atavism and it’s been a few years since I’ve dove into Unity, stayed up all night trying everything I could think of before asking for help.  Appreciate any help/insight I can get.


Thank you ahead of time,


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