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Stuck Trying to figure out Weather profiles and settings


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I am using Enviro - Sky and weather along with Atavism. I am trying to fix some of the weather profiles on the server. I do not know what a lot of the options are eluding to.

I'll be specific and ask about the Fog weather profile.

I look at the options, Fog distance and height power min/max and the fog distance/height max:

I assume that distance and height would be measured in Meters. is it?

However, with the height and distance power, I initially thought it was measured in percentages. (0.1, 0.2, etc.. to 1). Seems as though every-time I test using percentages here it doesn't really show, maybe a tiny bit, but I can't really tell. I thought this might have something to do with Enviro in unity, so I adjusted some settings there too, which helped a bit. Anyway, when I put in a random number like 100 for distance/height powers - It gets SUPER foggy, to the point it doesn't look good, which is fine. I am just a little confused - what are these settings measured in, I have no context and I keep guessing numbers and testing different weather profiles, I've managed to fix some, but then again, these were lucky guess' and I would like to have a little more control when playing with the profiles.

what is snow age(min/max)? whats that measured in?

Also - if I put min height at 100, and my water height is at -200. does that mean the the world terrain is at -200, so if i want fog to start at the ground, i set it at -200 min and max i don't know, 150. Although I am not sure this is correct. how do i figure out what height my terrain is at in conjunction with the height of weather. What is the logic that I am missing?

There isn't any limitations on the numbers I can type so I am struggling to figure it out - I tried to look online for a documentation of some sort specifying anything about weather profiles and couldn't find anything. any tips or info you think I might find useful would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 😟🐸


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Hello, it's more about how Enviro is treating these values. You are just setting parameters in the weather profile in the Atavism Standalone Editor and they are handed over to the Enviro, but they can be sent to any other system that supports World API by Procedural Worlds, like Weather Maker, and every system can treat these data a bit differently.

This is also the reason why there are no limitations in the weather profile settings, because we don't know what system you will use and how they are treating data.

Also, not every parameter is handled by the weather system, we are exposing all that are handled by World API, so no matter which weather system you will use, you could adjust parameters as you want. Maybe Enviro documentation will help you a bit.

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