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I purchased Atavism X.5 about a year ago and have been working on a "game" and I'm just about ready for testing.  However, I would love to update to Unity 2021.3 and just manually move my items over to Atavism X.6.  Do I need to purchase the new Atavism X.6 (Like on the Flash Sale in two days).  My impression is the $29 monthly fee would be better but I don't know if it includes the latest version of Atavism.  Plus, my dashboard says this in red highlight "You can get the latest version (10.6.0)"  If I get that, what would I need in addition to that?  Do I still need a maintenance plan or that $29 a month thing or both?  Thanks in advance. 

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If you purchased an on-premises copy of Atavism, you need only purchase additional maintenance plans in order to get your version up to speed. You can then activate the plans in your account panel to top up your registration. Buying additional copy's of the main source only increases your Concurrent Users value, all you need is the Maintenance plan.

Do note though, that if you are wanting to upgrade to a higher Unity version or engine version, make sure to make a backup of all your files, and to follow the upgrade paths that are on the wiki. If you have made any custom changes to your engine files (like for instance, a custom character controller), they will have to be re-created after the merger. Also make sure that the version of unity you desire is supported by the new release.

I hope that helps!

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