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Mobs show up white when viewing at certain angles


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I recently downloaded the unity version of Atavism X.6. I think I managed to set everything up: auth, world and db. License is active, I can see my db using the editor and my account after it is created. Downloaded the basic asset package. I can login, create a character and join the game. Everything seem to be working, except mobs show up as white at certain angles, see below video, which is really weird. I have never seen white, pink yes, but not white. I should say that I have URP enabled, since I intend to use that. Any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it? My feeble guess is some kind of occlusion or maybe lighting?, but I could very well be wrong. As far as I know I didn't change any settings except what was shown in the install videos.


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The only thing I can think off is URP second camera, but I believe we spoke about it on discord, and it turned out it is a shader that is flickering in some situation as you mentioned that it also occurs in scene view in the editor and there is onyl one camera. Another thing it can be a postprocessing effect maby that is causing such behavior in corelation with the BOmber Bug shader.

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