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On Enter world in AtavismUnity 10.7.0 Demo, the unity editor crashes


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When you are having crashes during entering the world, then it's probably due to Asset Bundles that require to be rebuilt. You can do this using our menu option


It will rebuild them and put them into the StreamingAssets directory which is required by Unity to load them.

14 hours ago, gamemakerguy said:



This is harmless. This warning occurs because of the Unity serialization depth limit, earlier it was 7, and then they increased it to 10. It's related to the Auction House UI layout where you can have a tree view of your item's category, so it's limited to a depth of 10 levels, like Armors -> Plate -> Boots -> ... but I doubt you will use a more complex structure that would require more than just a 3-5 levels.

14 hours ago, gamemakerguy said:


Depending on what server installation you are using, these dots will work or not. They work only for our premade Virtual Machines as well as for Atavism Cloud. For Atavism Windows Manager installation it has its own controls there, and for other installations, you will have to manage your server manually or using our newly released Atavism Agent https://unity.wiki.atavismonline.com/project/atavism-agent-preview/

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