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Changing Auto Attack Bug


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When I first got Atavism, I made a demo character to mess around in the game. After I started watching the tutorials, I used the combat tutorial to set up the Unarmed Strike autoattack. I found out that it will not work when unarmed for a character that existed before I added the autoattack, but if another character is made of the same class afterwards, the new character will have the autoattack. Note that this didn't seem to apply to weapons, as I was able to add an autoattack to my staff and it worked on the old character. It was just my first mage couldn't use Unarmed Strike, but a new mage could, and a warrior and a rogue I made later also could.

Steps to repeat-> 1. Make demo character. 2. Go play the game and level up a bit. 3. Create first autoattack for unarmed player. 4. Try to use it and see that it doesn't work. 5. Make a new character of any class and see that the unarmed autoattack works, as long as all of the classes had the autoattack added to their class profiles.

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It's becaue some elements were designed to be refreshed/reload like skills, statistics, and some not like items or auto attack ability, buit you don't have to change the ability later, you can modify the ability itself or modify coord effect.

You don't have to have assigned auto attack to all your player templates just the one you are using.

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