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NGUI Stuff for Atavism


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Hello @ all.



Now its Time for doing an own Topic for that.



Here you will get the Stuff for Atavism using NGUI.


At the moment its still under development.


Whats going to be in the Package allready:


01. Login /Registration

02. UMA Char Creation

03. All Scripts you need for it.

04. Also all Scripts for Ingame are included allready but Scene is under development.

I will release it when its on a state where you can play with it. Need to fix some ugly Bugs.


As im not a scripter i need help. If someone can help it would be nice to finish it up together.


What need to be done for Login/Register:


01. Nothing at the Moment



What need to be done for UMA:


01. Character Slots = 8 but i can create Char 9 then Char 1 is gone. Means overwriting!!! (Need a Message like: You cant create more Characters)


What need to be done for ingame:


01. NGUI Tooltips doesnt work everywhere

02. Bag Resize bug if you add a new bag you will dulicate the 1rst Item to all (need to relog to fix)

03. Sometimes some Bag Update Problems dont see items when added via command and such stuff

04. Move Items in bag not really works

05. Cant remove or replace Bags in the Bag Bar

06. Spells & Talents (Skills) missing

07. Chat missing

08. World Builder UI missing

09. Cause of Spells, Talents and Skills missing also missing to change them or remove them in the Actionbar

10. Display Currencys in Bag or somewhere else

11. At the Character Screen we need to display the Character (live) like in other Games to see what is equiped and such stuff




Heres the Link to the Downloads:




How it works:


The NGUI Stuff Unitypackage will be the one with such a name: Atavism_NGUI_v1.0.1.unitypackage

Version Numbers of course will change on Updates.

In that package you get all Stuff for NGUI. Scripts, Atlas, Scenes.


Then the changed Corefiles from Atavism: Extras_NGUI_Atavism_2.2.unitypackage

Also there the Version Number Changes to each Atavism Version Number. That means you are using Atavism 2.2 you need the file called Extras_NGUI_Atavism_2.2.unitypackage.


Then i provide a pack with a changed file if you use the Race pack from TomT to use the Races for UMA:


With this file you are able to create Buttons to change your Race with NGUI.

Link to the Tutorial: Comes very soon


I will update them as fastest as possible. Normally it should be updated until the new Version comes out cause im in the Testing Team of Atavism and can prepare the files before they get public.


How to use:


01. Import NGUI to your project

02. Import the NGUI Stuff into your project

03. Import the Extra Stuff into your project

04. Take the new Scenes to use NGUI



Thats it for now.

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