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Atavism Admin Panel


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Hey guys,


So I wanted to show a very VERY early design for a desktop application I am making called ATAVISM ADMIN PANEL.


We all know how tiny the built in editor is and how it can get a little frustrating to use sometimes.


Nothing to do with Atavism, but its more with unity. There really is only so much you can do to the editor.



Now this is a very very early design, so there will be changes.


Future Plans:

  • FULL atavism database editor
  • FULL server management software (Kick, ban, player coords, logs, everything.)
  • Drag and drop (minecraft) style recipe editor
  • Can be run from ANY computer with or with out unity installed. (All you need is the MySQL user and pass)


Stay tuned for more info and details!


*This will be a "for purchase" program. I don't have a price point yet, but I will drum one up soon.








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Just wanted to post a status.


I am still working on this every chance I get.


It really is a massive undertaking...


But it will be done and it will be awesome :)


You'll be able to do data entry from anywhere, with or without unity even installed :)


Maybe atavism will add a "Editor License" option. So you can buy a seats for your data entry team without buying them a full atavism license ;)


And as long as you or your team has good naming conventions, then adding icons through this editor will work as well.


I also found two new options for us to use in the mysql database. Item categories and sub categories!

I'll be adding that into my editor. It will make finding items a lot more easy and convenient.


If you click on ADD anywhere you need to add an item



You will get a Item Search box




As you can see, good things are coming :)

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Not stopped at all!


My HDD took a poo, I didn't lose any of the program, but I did have to reinstall the atavism server and everything else with it.


It's taking longer... only cause I keep finding more and more unused sql data columns. So just looking at the atavism editor in unity and making controls based on that is not working that great.

I would like to have our stuff saved to all columns and tables, even if Andrew does not have the coded to work in atavism yet.


Once they are, then all your items will be good to go :)


I'll post some screens a little later!


Thanks for the interest!

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I am going to be working on this for the time being as I wait for a few of my hired artists to finish up.


I changed the way it looks. The old way was with WPF.... I hate WPF.


I am also trying to work out a way to send data from unity to the application. That way, you don't have to write down xyz positions for markers and when you make an item, you can import them into your atavism project.


So by the end, this will be a desktop application AND a unity script that will work together.



I tried to grab the OLEObjectData by draging and droping a gameobject from unity INTO my program, but the data is garbage, as I know it would be. So a unity script will have to be made. No problem though :)


Stay tuned!

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Yes, for sure, we thought about rewriting Atavism Editor, but as @AlanGreyjoy said it's really time-consuming work, so after we took over the Atavism project we decided to implement some improvements into present Atavism Editor like copy/paste and missing filters features along with handling our virtual machines restarts and checking status.

We have still in mind faster and more friendly Editor, but not yet. There will be some downside of editor outside unity, so paths to the icons, paths to the prefabs like coord effects, so there are few additional elements which should be considered.

Still, it looks good @AlanGreyjoy I hope you are still developing it.

Imagine that we made new website, forum, documentation, tutorials, new elements in apanel beside obvious 2 releases within 6 months, where we totally rewritten GUI, implemented many additional packages from our partners along with integrations like Master Audio, World Streamer, Enviro, Posptrocessing Stack 2, I2Localization, there is Live Demo, there are many new features like weather synchronization, pets, arenas, social and much much more improvements for craft, buildings, guilds and more not to mention about fixes.

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I honestly forgot all about this lol..

I moved to another state. Took a full time developer job in Austin, Texas for a MSP company. Had another child, another one on the way. That makes 4 kids. Busy busy busy!

The last thing I remember doing, was researching how to make prefabs OUTSIDE of unity.... which I in-fact did figure out. And it was super stupid easy to do.


Will I continue this project? I don't see why not. In fact, a webapp may be a better option than a windows program.

The whole point of this project, was to make it easier for other team members that do not have unity, to make quests and other new stuff. A technical artist does not need unity or atavism. They just simply need an editor to make items, quests, stat changes, etc etc.


I'll sit on it for a bit.

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20 hours ago, DavyM said:

Hey Alan,

Any chance you will ever finish this or should we stop hoping for it? I sure hope you will continue, I would love this addon!



Yes, it would be nice to have a separate Atavism Editor outside Unity, but I think the present version which is inside Unity which we rewritten is much better, faster, has copy paste functionality, multilanguages support, options to restore deleted data or delete them permanently, keeping some important constraints in terms of instances or combat, it's scalable so you can resize its area properly. So, there are lots of new features and it's working super fast because of no caching overhead.

Also, there is one downside of such software (it should be available for all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac), and not everything would be possible with it, for example saving objects from the scene like regions, interactive objects, resources, etc.

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