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Bootcamp demo and maybe Viking demo


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Cant say much at the moment on this subject as we are working on a terrain system which will answer all the questions. What I can say is that it will be infinite and a very good system !


So at this point my time would probably be better spent building chaaracter/creature models, items, and art assets and less about building terrain since that will all change later and that would give me time to focus more on testing things with a small "disposable" map.. Maybe a GM island type testing ground on its own instance... And since this is something that will be built in, I probably shouldn't put money towards any terrain building tools at this point?


Oh.. Another question.. I know we say infinite, but I'm wondering about continents. I mean I want to be able to set up a lot of space, but will I still be able to set an endpoint where I can do a coastline and then the ocean go on infinitely?

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Hi everyone :)

I will introduce myself a little later.:)


But just wanted to ask real quick about if it's possible to import a old terrain and make it "voxelized"?


Also I have been thinking about roads... would it be possible to make wagonweels change the terrain so it in turn makes additive and persistent trails?

Would be a really nice way of making roads and maybe even lead to a reason to put down flagstones on more heavy traficated roads.


Just some short questions here ;) and a hello :)

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Hi, yes that would be possible to do roads with voxel system. only thing is it will require some coding to be done on your side. To voxelize your old terrain the only way that will be possible is if you use your hightmaps of your old terrain, but heightmaps will only be added way later to AtVoxel.

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