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Sooms / NeoJac how long tell next update?


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i am wondering if a replacement coder is going to take over for Sooms once he leaves. I have a deep concern that atavism may shut down altogether which I hope doesn't happen. I am also curious to know whats going on with Neo's Land....the website for it seems to be down as well.... Its not giving a good outward appearance.

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thes takes longer and longer to get updates :(


guys bump thes Post soy there mail alert go crazy!!!


Why do you ask for ETA's, they do their job.


Give them some time.


Test D is already good to go, i've managed to update my main project from 2.6.1 to 2.7D without any problems.


Asking for ETA's increases the stress even more..., and i think Sooms dont need it, just let him his work whatever time it takes!


So calm down.

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