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Damn for some reason it wont let me post this!

So after almost 2 years working on this, and asked several times, and was ridiculed for the idea. I finally figured out how to make campfires or any other items I need in the world without players having a claim object.


People on here bashed me because they said players would grief the server etc etc. So they decided not to tell me how it was done. So after 2 years of tinkering I figured it out.


Just create a coordinating effect

add it atavism

in your coordinating effect put in the particle field your object in this case your campfire

make sure it has a box collider on it

make it targetable

in the coordinating effect make the duration like 120 or something large

after awhile it will delete

then setup everything in atavism to reflect on an item you click

boom instant campfire


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no, the campfires do not follow you.. nothing does if you put it in a coordinating effect. not projectile but regular coordinating effect


Im Sorry I am going to edit this response, in the coordinating effects where it says attach particle to slot.. Uncheck that so it does not follow you around

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Hmm this is a super cool idea, will definitely have to see if it works.


I will create a video this weekend and put in tutorials. This can be used in several different ways not just campfires of course.. If a developer wanted players to have pocket forges or something.. it would come in handy

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