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instances and world per server


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Right now in Atavism You can setup different worlds on separate servers, but it's not possible to run one instance on separate server.


First You need to ensure that all databases are accessible from world servers. Then important thing is that time between servers are more and less synchronized in the same timezone, around 60 seconds difference is acceptable, above You will get offline status.

Then all You have to do is on the second world server run only world script with adjusted world.properties config file in which You will have to setup db connections to all db's.

You have to change:



they should have different values for each world server You will configure.

also You will have to setup:



the same way as You did in single node configuration, but they should point to the new world server dns address.

At the end You should configure db connections, they should point to the same databases (all world servers).


Last important thing is that You need to rename ../atavism_server/config/world directory to the name which You will setup in the atavism.worldname variable.


That's pretty much it on the server side.

Let me know if You will have any questions.

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Thank You guys, we are trying to be as helpful as we can. We also have to be aware that thanks to previous Team, Neo, Sooms, Chassle, we are here where we are, but after time Chassle left, then Andrew and Jack alone couldn't help as much as he wanted to, so of course we as a clients also could complain about progress and some lack of proper support, but to be honest they put a lot of effort to make Atavism at the first place, lets not forget about it.

We also want to thank You as a community that You gave us chance to show our engagement into this project by giving us time for preparation of new release, we are appreciate for that.

Now we will try to rebuild good fame of Atavism, with fixes, improvements, new features, docs, vids, providing better support, to make it better and better with each release.

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