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  1. 1. Do you like that the server must be restarted after you have create in the atavism editor a new instance (Scene), item, armor, and other?

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Hi everyone


i would like to ask you all, if do you like to restart the server after creating new entry in the atavism editor, armor, items, scene, and and and

is just to see if people like it or not

please vote what is for you good




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Oops, accidentally read the question wrong and voted the wrong way. I do not care that I have to restart the server when you add something. If you do not restart it, then the data base will not be updated, the clients will not be updated. No one can use your stuff you put in the game.

Also, I would prefer resources be spent on other things than trying to do what as far as I know, no other large MMO has been able to do. Downtime is part of an MMO. Maybe it would be useful in prototyping but for an actual live game it is not very efficient. Most players know that the server has to be reset. Best thing to do is to save everything and do an update/server reset once a week.

So, subtract one I do not like vote. I blame it on the migraine. :(

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Cube i see what you try to make but Honestly you shoul just give-up whe alredy say it to you there 

why restart the server is usefull and why it gonna be very hard and long to make it 

It sure your question asked like you have do it easy to say: NO i dont like. But the real question have to be: Atavism team : 
Should the atavism team take the time and these devellopement resources to attempt to add the object to the server?


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